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I Send You This Place

VAEFF 2013 hosted the New York premiere of I Send You This Place, a feature length documentary by Lauren Edward.

Q&A with filmmakers Andrea Lauren Sisson & Peter Edward Ohs, On their film 'I Send You This Place'

imageI Send You This Place / 68 min
Artist: Lauren Edward
Synopsis: 'I Send You This Place' is a beautiful, life-affirming documentary of a woman in search of her brother. The setting is surreal where glaciers are more common than billboards and inhabitants have been known to speak to mountains. A design and filmmaking couple stretch their roots across the North Atlantic and plant them in Iceland. As the nature of this island rapidly uncovers new perspectives on the human condition, the process of diagnosis, and the power of imagination, the woman begins to find her brother amid the ranting wind, grandiose clouds, and bi-polarized sun. The island itself becomes a new model in which to study these symptoms and to shape one’s perspective. When they arrive back in the States, the couple is confronted with a world where the sky is simply not as big and not as blue. How can they bring the experiences, the perspectives, the strength, and the clarity back to their culture, this land, and these people?
A truly visual experience, bringing its audience into an expansive world of limitless space, personified mountains, rose-filled horizons, and uncontrollable winds. Meticulously edited and scored- it is a delicate film, a love letter, and a poem, pushing boundaries and crossing genre of narrative and documentary.
'I Send You This Place' was produced in Iceland. It World Premiered at the 2012 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and Internationally Premiered at the 2012 Reykjavik International Film Festival.

Bio: Lauren Edward is the superhero that was born from the marriage of Andrea Lauren Sisson & Peter Edward Ohs. They are a filmmaking duo working out of New York, Ohio, and LA. They produce, direct, creative direct, shoot, edit, appear in, and score feature films, documentaries, concept shorts, and music videos. They've worked with Spotify, Dig For Fire, i-D Magazine, Amiina, Bedroom Community, MusicNOW, and OFFF. 'I Send You This Place', the 2012 surreal documentary shot in Iceland, is the duo's debut feature-length film. It premiered at the 2012 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Current projects include co-producing an independent music film with Brooklyn collaborator Dig For Fire, and production of the next two Lauren Edward features, a magical-realistic narrative shot on a farm in Ohio, and a futuristic sci-fi film about a man and his wooden robot head.









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