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conectedConnected/ 4 min
Artist: Selina Shah

Synopsis: Is access to the Internet disabling human senses, inhibitions and, ultimately, “real” intimacy?

Bio: Selina Shah (1984) is a London based video artist and photographer.  She graduated with an MA Photographic Studies at Westminster University in 2008 and BA Media Arts at Sussex University in 2006. She currently teaches Art, Photography and Media in secondary school in London and works on projects based on communication technology adoption in developing countries and how digital technology imposes its own dynamic on the development of personal relationships.

A Pause at Petrification of Salt/ 6 min
Artist: Elmira Mohebali
Synopsis: Highlights the invisible gap and secrecy between men and women in Iranian culture.

Bio: Elmira Mohebali is a video artist and sculptor.  She was born in 1982 and grew up in Tehran, Iran. Elmira moved to the United States in 2002.  She has lived in California since, and in 2008, graduated from UCLA.  Her work was screened in California several times. Elmira’s work is mostly about Iranian women. She raises several questions in a social and historical context through out her art.

Eleanor / 3 min
Artist: Tim Geers
Synopsis: Overtly metaphorical, bleak and uncomfortable

Bio: Tim Geers is a Boston based video artist with an MFA in Visual Art from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and has a background in news videography. He’s especially interested in the re-contextualization of disturbing themes and their associated images.

Les 5 Siamoises / 5 min
Artist: Hugo Arcier
Synopsis: In one of the first shots of Les 5 Siamoises the camera travels through a hallway
of doors, a Freudian image so often used to signify a trip into the subconscious. Apart from this one shot, the director’s choices are anything but obvious.

Bio: Hugo Arcier is a director and 3D graphic artist living and working in Paris.  As a digital artist, he has worked on the visual effects of several feature films for well-known directors like Roman Polanski, Jean-Pierre Jeunet or François Ozon.  As a video artist, his research is mainly graphical, sometimes close to abstraction.  In his videos, he uses a wide range of digital tools, such as 3D computer images and compositing.  His universe generally takes form from the daily life, but he transforms it, he distorts it with time expansation, broken down movement, moving shapes, transparency, ghost-like shapes, hypnotic motifs, palindromic editing, and refinement of the picture. He goal is to blur the boundaries of reality.

Titli Udi (Flight of the Butterfly) / 11 min
Artist: Payal Kapadia
Synopsis: The past, personal and national, are inspiration in this colorful and eclectic piece.

Bio: Payal Kapadia (1986) is an independent filmmaker and visual artist. Her work deals with issues relating to identity, memory and Indian myths. She has studied film making at the Social Communications Media Programme, at Sophia Polytechnic in Bombay. Her diploma project entitled “Schezwan Vada Pao”, a documentary on the marginalized Chinese community in Bombay, won her many awards for direction and scripting.  She has worked with filmmaker Shivendra Singh Dungarpur and video art curator Johan Pijnappel. She has also assisted artist Job Koelewijn in his Spinoza Mondial Reading Performance in Bombay. Currently, she is enrolled in the MFA program in Film, Video and New Media at the The Art Institute of Chicago.

Manuela/ 22 min
Artist: Marco Castro
Synopsis: A wry tale about an up-and-coming actress.  During a party Manuela finds out an ugly truth about her best friend.  

Bio: Marco Castro is a self-taught film director/actor/photographer.  His career began very young with performing, acting, and taking pictures.  At 18 he worked as a make-up artist with François Nars and collaborated with photographers such as Nan Goldin, Brigitte Lacombe, David Lachapelle, and Elaine Constantine.  Here he learned the importance of storytelling through images.  He’s worked for Pedro & Agustín Almodóvar’s   El Deseo and in 2005 with actor Loles Leon and son, Bertoldo, founded Emperactriz Films.  Much of Castro’s still and moving art has been displayed in galleries, festivals, and museums;his work is worshiped.  Currently he lives in Brooklyn, NY and is in pre-production for his first length feature film.

Ants’ Work/19 min
Yael Bedarshi
Synopsis: A woman saddled with two little children gets lost in a world of ants living under her bathroom sink.

Bio: Yael Bedarshi was born in Tel Aviv. She studied fine arts at the HdK Berlin under Rebecca Horn focusing on experimental filmmaking. She’s exhibited video at group exhibitions such as Burnt Whole, at the WPA Washington DC, and ICA Boston. After a year-long scholarship at the film and video department at CalArts in LA, she returned to Israel in 1995. Bedarshi works as a writer, director and editor in Tel Aviv.

Tonguing/ 8 min
Artist: Sondra R. Perry
Synopsis: A technique of articulating notes on a wind instrument through a mouthpiece.

Bio: Sondra R. Perry currently attends Alfred University’s School of Art and Design as a undergraduate with concentrations in New Media and Sculptural practices.

The Necessities of Life / 5 min
Artist: Gerald Guthrie
Synopsis: Mind-twisting animation dredges deep in the brain.

Bio: Gerald Guthrie (b.1951) in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His father was a college art professor and graduate student of Grant Wood (“American Gothic”). He received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1973 and an MFA in printmaking from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1977. Though he’s been involved with many art-making technologies, digital animation is his current medium in a career-long goal to create and readily disseminate open-ended, metaphorical narratives.  Guthrie teaches animation and foundation studies as a professor in the School of Art & Design at University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign. His digital animations have screened in over 50 national and international festivals, including the 2008 Prix Ars Electronica International Festival of Arts and New Media in Linz, Austria.

Last Sun / 3 min
Artists: Mauro Colombo and Daniele Di Luca
Synopsis: A man jumps rhythmically the beam of light reflected from the mirrors held by two people.

Bio: Mauro Colombo obtained a degree in Modern Literature with a focus in Human Geography after traveling in Australia for thesis research about territorial perception of aboriginal people.  He’s produced, researched, directed, and authored many documentaries such as: “Olona, A River” (2004, Best Documentary at  Bassano Film Festival),  “24/12” (2006), “The City of Light”, “Divenire” (2008) “Hasankeyf, Waiting Life” (2009).  In 2010 he work with Daniele di Luca on the videoart project “Last Sun”, compromised of seven different videos.
Daniele Di Luca was born in 1976 in Varese, Italy.  He works in artistic research and experimentation in sculpture and installation, always following minimalism and Russian constructivism.  In 2008 he worked as an art director for the documentary “Hasankeyf, Waiting Life” directed by Mauro Colombo.  In 2009/10 he began, with Colombo, the video art project “Last Sun”.

NOWQUEST/ 10 min
Artist: Mike Anderson
Synopsis: Samantha, lost in the cosmos, alone for thousands of years, finds a rip in space and wishes it led to the world of her drawings.

Bio: Mike Anderson was born in Eureka, California.  The first half of his twenties were spent hitchhiking the U.S., the second half attending the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, Painting).  He has received fellowships from the Ox-Bow School of the Arts, The Arkansas Arts Council, and Art Amiss.  Recently exhibitions include VideoKills in Melbourne, Antenna Gallery in New Orleans, and dublab’s Labrat Matinee in Los Angeles.  Currently in pre-production on an interactive film with 32 possible endings

Cronica (Chronicle)/ 15 min
Artists: Edu Ioschpe
Synopsis: An attempt to talk directly to the viewer evoking surrealism.

Bio: Edu Ioschpe is a Brazilian experimental moving picture artist, still photographer, Director of Photography and activist.  He graduated from the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya in Barcelona in 2009.  He’s made three movie pictures thus far.  He also organized a social and experimental art festival called UNAPOMA (APPLE).  UNAPOMA showed unique, underground films, attempting to re-educate the public’s eyes.  He’s had solo photography expositions in Barcelona, Paris, Zaragoza and a planned Sao Paulo show.  CRONICA is his first mature work.

Oryza Sativa / 4 min
Artist: Davide Sebastian
Synopsis: Spirituality in nature and humans are forefront in this sculptural film.

Bio: Davide Sebastian was born in Rome in 1981.  He continues to live and work there. From 1995-2000 Sebastian attended the Caravillani School of Art in Rome, and in 2001 he received a degree from the Roman Academy for Arts and Technologies. In 2001 with Daniele Jost he founded FORMA2, a project focused on applying technologies on environmental experiments.  He continues, as he did from the beginning, to concentrate on relationships between man and nature in all of his work.

The Tea Bag / 3 min
Artist: Bil Thompson
Synopsis: A clever play with audience identification, the film picks an unlikely object for sympathy—a teabag—and constructs a horrifying story of its death. Mystical overtones stretch the simple act of making tea into epic proportions.

Bio: Bil Thompson is a filmmaker and video artist living in New York City. He has collaborated on videos with Vogue, Interview and Glamor and has made films and video installations in collaboration with numerous institutions and museums in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa . In 2009 he screened video works at the Venice Biennale in Italy as well as the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum in NYC.

15 Years/ 3 min
Artists: Steven Hoskins
Synopsis: With Dan Hanna. Reverse aging transformation of a 15 year self-portrait sequence by Dan Hanna, forming the basis for the movie “StartStop” (2009). Used is 32 channel split screen asynchrony to create the illusion of flow.

Bio: Steven Hoskins is a video artist and designer living in Richmond, Virginia. He teaches in the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. He’s spent most of his life as a graphic designer, and recently as a graphic design educator who teaches and practices in video. Much of this work is imbued with formal/visual explanations for the Hermeneutic Circle: the understanding of meaning derived from interrelationships between part and whole. This is embodied in the video image that is broken and reassembled; fragmented and reconstituted; a union made of asynchrony. Chaotic and irregular movements converge into unified movement; small multiples begin to move as a system.
Dan Hanna lives and works in Oxnard, California. He has over 10 years of experience in the animation industry.  His work has appeared on BBC America and The Cartoon Network.  He is also the illustrator of a New York Times best selling children’s book The Pout-Pout Fish (2008).  His daily self-portrait series has continued since 1991.

Caniformia /11 min
Jessica Leigh Stevens
Synopsis: Focusing primarily on women’s issues, the film reenacts autobiographical life experiences with a fantasmical twist.

Bio: Jessica Leigh Stevens (1988) is a film and video artist who earned her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, 2009.  She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, a place from which she continually draws her inspiration.

Ecological Apple / 1 min
Artist: Andreas Soderberg
Synopsis: An apple’s last gasp.

Bio: Andreas Soderberg is a cinematographer & director from Sweden that recently started making audiovisual experiments.



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