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THE_WAITING_FLESHThe Waiting Flesh/ 9 min 52 seconds
Artist: Drake Avila

Synopsis: An experimental short film made to accompany the sculpture found within the piece.
A woman encounters an “Inertia Prick” with whom the woman may have had a previous encounter in some other time. The hidden observer waits, waits, and waits.

Bio: Born in El San Salvador in 1984, Drake Avila began a life-long passion for cinema at the Centro de Estudios Cinematograficos de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. After attending film school for a year, he immigrated to Canada in 2008 with his family. After the untimely death of his best friend Fernando, Drake began searching for a way to express his art at a more personal level. In the fall of 2009, he began his studies at Red Deer College in the visual arts program. While on his summer 2010 hiatus from the visual arts program, Avila worked on the projects Primal Absolution, Radioactive Flesh, and The Waiting Flesh. Avila’s work aims to merge film, painting, and sculpture together.

Un plan, Un Volume, Un Espace-Temps/ 13 min 31 seconds
Artist: Gabriel Belanger Oyarzun

Synopsis: Un Plan, Un Volume, Un Espace-temps is a kind of story about frame, perspective, and perception in cinema. In audiovisual work, the frame has evolved over the last century from a static picture frame to a more active point of view. Of course the frame is always the point of view! But the way in which it is constructed and understood has changed: first it was a painting (flat, large, a tableau), then it became an eye to a new reality through virtual and cinematic space.

Bio: Born April 9th 1987, Gabriel Belanger Oyarzun discovered cinema at the age of 21. Studying in Canada and France, he is currently working to complete Audiovisual technician degrees, and is in the process of working on his next project.

Hotel/ 6 min 2 seconds
Artist:  Jordan Crandall

Synopsis: Hotel (2010), produced in advanced 4K high definition technology, depicts an encounter in order to probe the realms of extreme intimacy, where techniques of control combine with techniques of the self.


Bio: Jordan Crandall is a media artist and theorist based in Los Angeles. He is Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at University of California, San Diego. His video installations have been presented in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including recent group exhibitions at Tate Modern, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Walker Art Center. His work explores 21st century regimes of power and their effects on subjectivity, sociality, embodiment, and desire. He is the 2011 winner of the Vilem Flusser Theory Award, given by the Transmediale, Berlin, and the Vilem Flusser Archive.

Crandall is also the founding editor of the new journal Version.

Dogmatique/ 15 min 9 seconds
Artist: Nara Denning

Synopsis: A man questions the fabric of modern life. Like Pinocchio’s “Fun Land” in which little boys are transformed into mules, he finds himself trapped within a system that transforms men into dogs. He desperately desires a “real” life while at the same time his aversion to reality causes him to live like a shut-in, a post-modern American refugee. He is graced by the moon, which taunts and follows him, inspiring howls of yearning and chaos throughout the city, which then assumes the form of the “Blue Fairy” and shows him that the freedom he seeks is neither here nor there, but in the realm of spirit.

Bio: Nara Denning is an independent producer and director, editor, and writer. She approaches the medium of cinema with a measured direction, which aims to paint each frame as a freestanding work of art. She constructs her own stories, sets and costumes, infusing her signature on every aspect of her work, resulting in an uncompromised and original vision realized as art in motion. Denning combines influences of German Expressionism and early Surrealist experimental film to breathe new life into the concept of digital video.

The Cycle of Life/ 7 min
Artist: Gerald Guthrie

Synopsis: The Cycle of Life is a digital animation which employs a metaphor of botanical growth to represent our own developmental stages of life. A solitary figure walks forward through a line of inexplicable machines; approaching, absorbing and moving on. Through a clever twist, the final stage of life precedes the beginning.

Bio: Gerald Guthrie was born in 1951 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1973 and a Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1977. Guthrie teaches animation and foundation studies as a Professor in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. His digital animations have screened in over one hundred national and international film festivals. Past and future screenings include the Prix Ars Electronica new media festival (2008, 2010), Anima Mundi (2010) and the Melbourne International Animation Festival (2011). Guthrie’s current professional work and research addresses ubiquitous questions that cannot be definitively answered. He attempts to identify and exemplify many of the inscrutable mysteries of everyday life.

16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself/ 6 min
Artist: Matthew Lancit

Synopsis: This is a film about me and 16 reasons why I hate myself. The list varies from the physical to the psychological, the superficial to the introspective. Some of it is true and some of it is not..

Bio: Matthew Lancit’s experimental works have been invited to screen at Chasma and the Film Anthology Archives in New York, the art department at UCLA, and on the Saatchi Gallery website. His short film Death of a Gentleman competed in festivals like: Rhode Island International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, San Francisco International Short Film Festival, and Festival International de curtas-metragens de Sao Paulo. His first feature length documentary Funeral Season received the prestigious 2011 Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival. Aside from making film and video art, Lancit has published heavily personalized essays on a wide range of topics – from the art of cartography to bibliotherapy. He currently resides in Paris, France.

Treatment Plan/ 8 min 45 seconds
Artist:  Martin Lucas

Synopsis: A psychiatric patient in a waterside hospital suffers from severe depression. The art therapist suggests a video camera, and the treatment plan develops. The film was shot over a five month period near the Verrazano Narrows, and inspired by the difficulties of encountering the possibilities and potentials of the high-definition image.

Bio: Martin Lucas is an artist and media activist whose work explores the links of the technological with languages of control and forms of resistance. His career as a filmmaker include works looking at urban crisis and the militarization of culture. As a member of Paper Tiger Television Collective, Martin was one of the producers of The Gulf Crisis Television Project in 1991. Other works include Cold War in 24 Frames (Durable Reinforcement Art , Utrecht, 2001) and In Flanders Field (State of Mind, Rotterdam, 1996). For the last several years Martin has worked with Story Workshop in Malawi, Southern Africa, helping to develop production around gender violence, food security, and AIDS awareness. Martin teaches video and new media production in the Film and Media Studies Department at Hunter College, City University of New York, where he is the director of the Integrated Media Arts MFA Program and a senior fellow at the Center for Health Media Policy

Little One/ 15 min 9 seconds
Artist: Alicia Matthews

Synopsis: Collapsing under an insufferable weight of fear and incomprehension, a woman attempts to understand and come to terms with her life within a sterile interior, where her urge to nurture overwhelms and destroys.

Bio: Alicia Matthews graduating video artist from the Glasgow School or Art.

Cotton Candy/ 4 min 23 seconds
Artist: Daphna Mero

Synopsis: A laundromat. A woman is sitting and looking at the spinning drum while eating a cotton candy. Her hands become sticky and dirty. A memory of a violent encounter with a stranger resurfaces. The action of eating in the present merges with her past memory; the laundromat becomes both an interior and exterior space filled with cotton candy. The machine’s repetitive noise fills the Laundromat and dictates the movement inside it. The sweetness turns far too sweet and becomes bitter. And she is spinning. Cotton Candy combines elements from video-art, video-dance and fictional-cinema.

Bio: Born Oct. 23, 1979, Daphna Mero currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel. She has studied both dance and film, and her work has been shown in various shows and exhibitions around Israel.

Bucket Work/ 3 min 13 seconds
Artist: Erik Nelson

Synopsis: Emptying the subconscious ocean by the bucket in 3 minutes.

Bio: Digital shaman, autodidact, amateur builder, reformed power forward, former ex-pat, 1/3 of Wreck and Salvage.

Pastis / 8 La Finale/ 2 min 17 seconds
Artist: Pastis (Marco and Saverio Lanza)

Synopsis: An old Italian couple watches the 2006 World Cup Final between Italy and France on TV.

Bio: Marco Lanza was born in Florence (Italy) on 01/12/1957. He is a self-educated photographer who has been working for national and international advertising agencies and magazines since 1978. He presented his artistic works in personal and collective exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum (New York), West Zone Gallery(London), Museo Zucchi (Milan) and Cafe Einstein (Berlin). In 2000, West Zone Publishing of London issued his photographic book The Living Dead. In 2005, he started collaborating with his brother Saverio, a musician, on artistic projects.

Saverio Lanza was born in Florence (Italy) on 24/03/1970. He studied composition and piano at the Conservatory of Music in Florence, where he graduated in Conducting. He wrote music for commercials, short films, and for the band where he was a vocalist and guitarist. He is a producer and composer for several Italian artists. He published two albums as a composer: Ce l’hai una sigaretta? (2004) and  Madrelingua (2007). He is now working with his brother Marco, a photographer, on a music and photography based project called Pastis.

Byroads and Confluences/ 7 min 35 seconds
Artist: Teddy Peix

Synopsis: Using two video screens, images from walks through nature converge and diverge, revealing imaginary confluences between the two sets of images. They can be detached by their point of view but they remain dependent. The landscapes frame the moments of a walk in an open space where only the steps put rhythm into time and the field of vision is unlimited. Influenced by Eastern cultures, this work explores the relation between landscape and image. Through image and sound, it stimulates concentration, imagination, and introspection.

Bio: Teddy Peix was born in 1974 in France. He lives and works in Montrouge, France. He studied visual arts and electro-acoustic music at, respectively, the National Fine-Art School and the National School of Music and Dance at Bourges, France (respectively). Peix attempts to extend the complementarity of videographic and sound media.

Six Moments of Clarity/ 2 min 10 seconds
Artist: Mikey Peterson

Synopsis: Tension and disorientation build as six symmetrically arranged lit candle flames stand in silence, gradually coming to life just before they’re extinguished. Using the same repeated shot, the time of their demise is extended by rhythmically altering image and sound while layering the clip’s audio. Not only is a concert of light created, but also an original sound composition is revealed built entirely from a lone sample of breath that blows out the flame.

Bio: Mikey Peterson is a Chicago-based video-audio artist and singer-songwriter. He creates experimental video art that focuses on rhythm, sound, and organic abstraction having shown work internationally at festivals such as the Performance Intermedia and DokumentART Festivals in Szczecin, Poland, at the From Chicago to Lahore: Connecting Edge exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chicago Calling Arts Festival in Chicago, IL, Zero Filme in Lisbon and Braga, Portugal and at the Short Sighted film exhibition at the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum. His video work has also been exhibited on the Europe-based satellite television channel Art Television. Peterson also records and performs as a solo musician, crafting sparse yet melodic songs with his band The Trust, and as The Duende Bros has partnered with poet Eric Elshtain to develop an inimitable form of musical dance poetry

Dollhouse/ 5 min 54 seconds
Artist: Shabnam Piryaei

Synopsis: We witness the devastating aftermath of war in a film that integrates original music and poetry.

Bio: Shabnam Piryaei was born in Iran and raised in the U.S. Her collection of poetry entitled ode to fragile was published by Plain View Press in 2010. She has been awarded the Poets & Writers Amy Award for poetry, as well as grants from the Elizabeth George Foundation and the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance. Her writings have been performed at the MAD Theatre Festival in the United Kingdom, and her short films, based on scenes and poetry from her book, have been screened in the U.S. at the Woodstock Film Festival, Indie Spirit Film Festival, Red Rock Film Festival, Miami Short Film Festival, and Target Art Gallery, and internationally at the Canterbury Short Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival and Zebra Poetry Film Festival.

5 Days in July/ 10 min
Artist: Esther Podemski, Chuck Schultz

Synopsis: Chuck Schultz and Esther Podemski’s 5 Days in July is a dual channel video that also functions as a dual screen projection. Using film footage from television, government, and private archives, it conveys the essential facts of Newark’s 1967 riots. In ten short minutes, we see black residents living in substandard housing; we meet John Smith, the cab driver whose arrest and beating sparked the disturbance; we hear from activists who express the frustration of Newark’s underemployed black community; we watch as New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes declares the riots criminally – not politically – motivated; we witness the looting, the fires, and the tanks, as well as National Guardsmen shooting long-range rifles into apartment buildings; and, in the end, we see a city in ruins.

Esther Podemski is a visual artist who produced and directed the documentary House of the World about the Holocaust’s aftermath in Poland. This film premiered at Lincoln Center in New York. Since then, it has been screened in Europe, traveled throughout the United States with the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, and screened at the Los Angeles International Jewish Film Festival. The Discovery Channel and the Jewish Broadcast Network purchased the film. As a painter, Esther Podemski has exhibited nationally and internationally and is represented in public and private collections. She is a recipient of a painting fellowship from the New York State Council on the Arts and twice participated in the Yaddo residency program. Podemski also produced and directed The Peasant and the Priest, a 47 minute documentary shot in Italy.The film is in early release and premiered at the 13th Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece in March 2011.

Chuck Schultz is a filmmaker whose documentary The Rural Studio (2002) celebrates the work of Samuel Mockbee, the late American architect, MacArthur Foundation Award recipient and founder of Auburn University’s Rural Studio. The Rural Studio was broadcast throughout the United States and was presented at the 2002 Whitney Biennial in New York and Shenzhen 2006 Architecture/Urbanism Biennial in China. Schultz was the associate producer on the documentary House of the World (1999). He was the co-producer of A Day At A Time, a candid portrait of parents raising twin girls with cerebral palsy, winner of the 1992 Heartland Film Festival’s Crystal Heart Award.

Chador/ 4 min 35 seconds
Strappa (Tear)/ 46 seconds
Artist: Sepideh Salehi

Synopsis: Chador is an silent investigation into the relationship between the chador, or cloak, and the female body. The black and white images, light and fragile like a point of disintegration, tell through a game of transparency what a woman live under the chador – her thoughts, her emotions and feelings. In Strappa (Tear) a man and woman express both tenderness and anger. The is woman frustrated with the limits created by the man. She holds her chador an tears it in anger. The man looks caresses. The game continues.

Bio: Sepideh Salehi is a video artist and painter. She was born and grown up in Tehran. After she graduated in languages, she moved to Florence, Italy to study fine art at the Academy of Belle Arti.

Her work has been screened in the Bologna Art Fair, Invideo in Milan, and the Mulhous International Contemporary Art Fair. As an Iranian woman her first visual vocabulary is Woman and the relation between her body and Veil and her emotions. Sepideh currently lives in New York and Washington, D.C.

Conversation Portrait: A Tribute to
George Carlin/ 5 min 54 seconds
Artist: Flash Rosenberg

Synopsis: Prominent comedians honor George Carlin, who is remembered for his coruscating mastery of the English language, his irreverence about censored words, and his devastatingly funny insights about timeless human follies such as war, moral hypocrisy, stuff, God, and dogs.

Bio: Flash Rosenberg is a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts for Film/Video. She is a cartoonist, writer, photographer, performer and artist in residence for LIVE from the New York Public Library, where she draws discussions between prominent authors, in real-time, to animate “Conversation Portraits.” Flash was artist in residence at Cornell University for the 2011 science and arts festival “Light in Winter” where she performed her solo show Laughing at the Speed of Light, a romp through hundreds of original, projected images to humorously examine how we see ourselves as we shift from a film to digital mentality. Flash is a regular performer in “Monologues and Madness” and a published poet. Her cartoons, drawings and essays have been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, the Jewish Forward, the national Funny Times and Lilith magazine, where she won National Jewish Press Awards for both writing and illustration

Life, I’m Not In/ 11 min 58 seconds
Artist: Sara Rahimzadeh

Synopsis: Life, I’m Not In is an episodic short movie that seeks definition of life in the pursuits, struggles and habits of the modern human being. It is also cognizant of the fact that this meaning is left behind in the ephemeral chapter of childhood.

Bio: From Tehran, Iran, Sara Rahimzadeh is the recipient of the following awards: Best Directing, Young Film Festival of Tehran 2010; Best Eexperimental Film, Young Film Festival of Tehran 2010; Best Iranian Young Filmmaker, Young Film Festival of Tehran 2010. Her work has also been chosen as one of the 40 best short films at the 14th ceremony of Khaneh Cinema and nominated for Best Experimental Film at the 25th International Short Film Festival of Tehran.

Tesla Project BTS 900 Mhz/ 2 min 22 seconds
Artist: Davide Sebastian

Synopsis: Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who pioneered the discovery of alternating current together with the dynamo, the radio, and the radar, once said: “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.” My work focuses on the distortion of some aspects of what we generally call progress, focusing attention on the ideas of mission and gift that Tesla believed as guidelines for scientists. My images all put into focus botanical subjects pointed at underlining the tormented contamination as well as the violent submission of nature to human manipulation in terms of consumerism. In such a context, I recently concentrated my attention on what I consider a peculiar and emblematic object: the antenna trees. Those artificial plants are effective antennas conceived and realised for wireless telephone communications disguised as diverse variety of trees and dispersed all over the territory. I intentionally reproduced the texture of human DNA on the synthetic bark of the trees as a metaphor aimed at underlining the evolving mutation of mankind towards an artificial universe. Antenna trees can be considered emblematic of our position as beings who transgress he boundaries of natural laws. I collaborated on this project with the DJ and sound designer Federico Ferretti.

Bio: Davide Sebastian was born in Rome in 1981, where he still lives and works. From 1995-2000 Sebastian attended the Caravillani School of Art in Rome, and in 2001 he received a degree from the Roman Academy for Arts and Technologies. He began his career working with his brother Matteo Basile and Rafael Pareja from 1997 to 2001 in the art studio CROMOSOMA in Rome where the Italian digital art movement was incubated. In 2001 with Daniele Jost he founded FORMA2, a project focused on applying technologies on environmental experiments.  He continues, as he did from the beginning, to concentrate on relationships between man and nature in all of his work.

Bailioni/ 12 min 51 seconds
Artist: Bailey Scieszka

Synopsis: A view inside Old Put as he laments a broken life after being the world’s most famous child hand model

Bio: Bailey Scieszka received a BFA from The Cooper Union in 2011. She was born in metro-Detroit and has lived in Baltimore, Las Vegas, and New York.

What We Call Ourselves/ 3 min 6 seconds
Artist: Sarah Scaduto

Synopsis: Sometimes life develops so strangely, and before I let it get a hold of me, I wish to get a hold of myself. I reminisce to remind myself that I will always be me. No matter how the present looks, the past will always and forever be dear. This short film includes found footage of myself when I was a five-year old in a Russian orphanage.

Bio: I am a recent BFA graduate from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA). Although my major emphasis was on photography, I had a growing interest in film over the past year. I hope to continue to learn and produce more short art films before pursuing graduate school or a solo career.

I Wrote, You Read/ 3 min 30 seconds
Artist: Farideh Shahsavarani

Synopsis: Modern man is being bombarded by the media. Daily, the news impacts us. We do not think; we are not exposed to the truth; we only know what they want us to know. There is no way to run away from it. Modern man is buried under media’s weight.

Bio: Painter, photographer, and video filmmaker Farideh Shahsavarani is well known for combining sound and pictures in a variety of art forms. Born in 1955 in Iran, Farideh holds an MFA in Painting. Having served as Department Chair of the Graphic Department at Islamic Azad University in Tehran, Iran, she currently teaches and serves as a member of the faculty board. She is a Member of the Association of Iranian Painters (AIP), an Honorable Member of the Visual Art Development Center of Iran and a member of Group 30+ She has participated in more than a hundred solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad. She has over 12 Solo Exhibitions and over 90 Group Exhibitions. Though she began her career as a painter, she uses video to explore reality and illusion and create works that communicate more directly with the audience—allowing her to express her search for the light, the soul, the hidden meaning of life and the source of a new day.


Chicken/ 4 min 35 seconds
Artist: Mark Starling

Synopsis: The artist documents a performance that includes a raw chicken, rope, concrete and a body of water.

Bio: Born in 1987, Mark Starling is a sculptor and video artist. He received his BFA at the University of Georgia in 2011 and resides in Athens, Georgia. Starling reflects on his perspective of growing up inside the family funeral business, which leads to an investigation of the everyday and the spiritual, the seen and unseen. His assemblage and mending of domestic objects create a poetic collage of absurd truth. Starling is currently applying to graduate programs for Fall of 2012.



Nothing/ 1 min 48 seconds
Artist: Nancy Wyllie

Synopsis: An old mattress dumped on a busy highway has been spray painted with a seemingly familiar phrase by area teens and serves as an exploration of syntax. Syntax, generally based on the constituent structure of sentences complete with subject, verb and object, has been subverted in this video short in ways that are at once humorous and filled with 21st century resignation.

Bio: Nancy E. Wyllie is a digital artist who holds Master’s degrees from RISD and Tulane University. From 1987 to 1988, she studied film at New York University. She has exhibited her photo-based work in New York at White Columns, The Alternative Museum, Artist’s Space and P.P.O.W., as well as Brandeis University, Ohio State University, Marymount Manhattan College, Providence College and M.I.T. In 2000, she was one of five Americans to represent the U.S. at The 3rd International Festival of Experimental and Performing Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, an event curated by the Dostoyevsky Foundation in London. She is a Professor of Art at the Community College of Rhode Island where she teaches courses in digital media. Her film Silent Witness was selected for the 7th International Berlin Directors Lounge Feb 10-20, 2011. Her video art was also included in Persona Art Festival 2011 at The Rag Factory in London in May where she was awarded the Persona Award.




Chinese Portraiture/ 12 min 50 seconds
Artist: Zhou Hongxiang

Synopsis: Chinese Portraiture is a work presented in a direct and straightforward way. In this conceptual piece, we see one portrait after another of various Chinese people: they either impersonate or enact a prototypical character, or impersonate themselves. We see normal workers, employees, old people, young girls, young men, intellectuals, farmers, but also someone wearing the clothes of the emperor of Qing Dynasty and a monk, a judge, and a beggar. Image after image scrolls before the viewer, like a series of photographs. Each subject looks into the camera, staring back at the viewer, like a photograph that looks back at you. In its form it also refers to an encyclopedia, and to the tradition of Chinese scrolls, thereby connecting the new medium of video to traditional art forms. The work is quiet and still, the viewer watches, waiting for something to happen and over time is captured by the photographs as if he is watching a film.

Bio: Zhou Hongxiang was born in 1969 in Dongtai, Jiangsu province,China. He currently lives and works in Shanghai and New York.





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